The Only Notebook You Need For Life

The Only Notebook You Need For Life

I've been obsessed with the daily for as long as I can remember.

A few years ago I started a company called The Daily Page where I designed daily pages templates for the iPad. There is something really simple about focusing on a single day.

Today is all we have. Everything in our life happens in the context of a day. That idea that came to you isn't random, it's a result of life happening around you.

Here are Four ways I use the daily page

Interstitial Journaling. I simply note down the time throughout the day and what I'm working on, noticing, meetings, or just how I'm feeling. It helps me get back into the present.

Getting work done. I do my work cycles in the daily page. I write what I'm doing to work on, what is the very next task and note down any roadblocks that might come up.

Collecting Ideas. Any idea that comes up gets thrown into the daily page and tagged as an idea. The great thing about this is that I get the context of what's happened that day when I come back to it. I love to see the connections.

Coaching Myself. An added benefit that I've found is that through these three things I end up coaching myself as I notice patterns and ways I work, and I actively look for ways to improve.

The daily page forces me to live and work in the context of today. Because today is all that exists. The daily page has become my catch-all for journaling, mindfulness, work, and my creative habits.

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