The Only Growth Hack You Need To Grow On Twitter

It's easy to get caught up in numbers on Twitter.

There is literally numbers everywhere. Number of followers, number of likes, engagement rate numbers, numbers of notifications. It's enough to make you think that Twitter is all about numbers...

And yet it isn't. Twitter is not a numbers game. Twitter is a people game.

Behind every number is a real person, with a real story, in the real world, with real hopes and real problems and real fears. And when you stop thinking of numbers as numbers and you start seeing them as humans... everything will change for you on Twitter.

It'll feel less hollow. You'll start to make genuine connections. You'll start to have real conversations. You might even find yourself jumping on zoom calls with strangers. Those connections will lead to more connections. And before you know it you've not only grown, but you've met a bunch of interesting people along the way.

We call these networks social, and yet when we humans interact on them we lose some of our human-ness. Think about in your real life the people you love to hang around. I bet they are interesting people who not only have something good to say, but are interested in you as well.

If you want to grow here on Twitter... be interesting, be interested and remember there is a name behind every one of those numbers... get to know those names.

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Come join the conversation on Twitter, it's much more fun with friends.

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