The Only Evening Routine I Have Ever Stuck To...

The Only Evening Routine I Have Ever Stuck To...

I have never been able to nail a consistent evening routine.

Whoever said that a great morning is set up the night before didn't know me. I'm a legend at mornings. Up at 5am wide awake and ready to take on the world.

But when 5pm hits, I'm a hot mess.

I'm depleted of energy and void of any good-decision making skills. And as much as I love my early mornings I get jealous of my late-night friends who can pump out a second shift after a day of work.

But I have been able to find an easy evening routine that I pretty much stick to every night that gets me through to 10pm rather than crashing at 8pm on the lounge watching Netflix.

Here's What My Evening Routine Looks Like:

5-6pm. I edit & publish my essay. This only works if I've done my writing time in the morning. So when it comes to 5pm I grab a glass of wine, sit down with my essay and get it ready to publish.

6-7pm. I get in the kitchen and cook an easy dinner. It has to be 20 minutes or less, otherwise I'll be tempted to order something. This is also a nice screen free time where I can wind down from my day.

7pm. I'll jump back on the computer and do some Twitter Engagement to finish the 'working' day.

8pm. Once 8pm hits its screens off. I usually switch on a podcast or audiobook to listen to. And to make sure I don't fall asleep too soon I play some cards or do a puzzle.

9pm. I'll have a shower, clean the kitchen, tidy and basically reset for the next day and be in bed by 10pm.

What does your evening routine look like?

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