The New Way To Pre-Launch A Product On Gumroad

The New Way To Pre-Launch A Product On Gumroad

Don't despair over Gumroad removing the pre-launch feature.

Recently Gumroad removed their pre-launch feature. If you've been using it to pre-launch your products you might be wondering how the heck to do you do a pre-launch now?

Here's the step by step guide to how I pre-launched 5 Gumroad products without ever using the pre-launch feature.

Setup your product as a Classic product. When you create a new product in Gumroad select the 'Classic' Option.

Add Pre-Launch to the title. When I'm in pre-launch mode I use the prefix [PRE-LAUNCH] in the headline so it's obvious that this is a pre-launch and they won't get access straight away.

Be clear about expectations. In your copy be clear that this is a pre-launch and let them know how & when they will get access to your product. Bonus points for giving regular email updates as your launch date gets closer.

Use the delivery to confirm again that it is a pre-launch. If you use Notion create a 'thank you page' that you can share as a link. Be clear again about when & how they get access. If you don't use Notion just create a txt file and upload to the files section that they get access to after purchasing.

Start Selling! Now you can start selling & receiving money straight away. I find this much more motivating when building products because you actually have people's money in your bank account, so it creates a great amount of pressure to get it launched on time.

Launch. After your pre-launch date go back into the product and remove the [pre-launch] prefix from the header and any details about pre-launch in the copy & dont' forget to switch the URL or the files to the actual product.

So go ahead and pre-launch your next product!

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