The Insanely Easy Way To Turn Every Moment Into Content

The Insanely Easy Way To Turn Every Moment Into Content

There are so many different ways to come up with ideas for content as a creator.

Depending on who you follow, you'll find so many good frameworks, templates & tools for brainstorming content. Leverage your expertise, learn & document, have content buckets, answer questions, curate content, use AI to brainstorm your content.

And while they are all great, sometimes you just don't have time for all that planning & brainstorming. You just need a content idea ASAP. It's in those moments I reach for the one last trick in my magic content bag... a simple question.

How Can I Turn This Moment Into Content?

This idea generation strategy doesn't require long hours of planning. It has just one simple requirement, that you are doing something. Well actually even if you're not doing something you can still turn that into content and here's how:

Step 1: Document it. Take a photo, screenshot, or screen share of what you are doing right now.

Step 2: Turn The Moment Into Content. This is where you can start to get creative. I like to ask myself several questions:

  • Is there a lesson I can teach from this?
  • Is there an observation I can make?
  • Is there a tool I can show?
  • Is there a story I can tell?

Step 3: Make the content. Once you've decided HOW you can use the moment, start creating. You might film a short video, post a photo & a caption about what you are doing on Instagram, or write a tweet or a longer atomic essay.

Step 4: Don't overthink it. My best content has come from doing this. Little screen grabs, or rants about Slack or Notion tips that have been easy to create.

So next time you're struggling for content ask yourself... How can I turn this moment into content?

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 22nd August 2022 in (PRO) Creator