The Definitive Guide To Notion Products That Are Not Templates

⚑️NEWS FLASH: You don't have to be using Notion as your main daily productivity driver to build cool products with it and make money online as a creator.

Here are 17 product ideas that you could build & launch in the next week using Notion.

⚑️ Build A Notion Magazine

Ever considered yourself something of a magazine mogul? Or maybe you have a group of friends who like to write? You could create a cool magazine just like the @thenotionette did.

⚑️ Build A Notion Guide

Guide people through a specific process that you do every day or have success in. Like this one and many others from @adrianjbroodryk on How to Post Better Instagram Stories.

⚑️ Build A Notion E-book

Don't just write a book, write a Notion ebook. Bring your book to life using the power of Notion like @robhope did with his Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook.

⚑️ Build A Notion ToolKit

If you have specific knowledge and resources that you use every day to get work done, consider making it available in a kit. Like this document kit for product designers from the guys at Tsolution.

⚑️ Build A Notion Template

Make people's lives easier with a template. I especially like this one from @catmulvihill that makes it easier to manage giving instructions to people in zoom breakout rooms. Simple, but much needed 😁

⚑️ Build A Resource Hub

If you're a collecter of things, then building and releasing a resource hub could be for you. That's what @heyeaslo did with his Ultimate Notion Resources Pack.

⚑️ Build A Notion Directory

Have you spent hours trolling the internet building a list of resources? Make it available as a directory like this one from Fardeen Khan with all the digital landscape tools you could wish for.

⚑️ Build A Notion Course

Forget about complicated course software. It's easier than ever to use Notion to build out your course like the Twitter MBA from @heyblake using his very own produce @sayfloat

⚑️ Build A Notion Service

Do you have a specific-skill like making profile images, designing banners, or illustrating avatars? Create them for Notion lovers just like @NotionFlows does.

⚑️ Build A Notion Dashboard

If you know how to structure and display information than building a dashboard might be the way to go. Like this Instagram Story Strategy Dashboard from @krbarrett_

⚑️ Build A Notion Website Template

Believe it or not, Notion is becoming a popular tool to build websites. If you have a flair for layout like @thisdickie does then Notion web design might be just the product you're looking for.

⚑️ Build A Notion UI Kit

Are you a designer? Why not create a UI kit people can use in their own workspaces.

Like this icon kit from @amypeniston

Or these page headers from @NotecandyHQ

⚑️ Build A Notion Library

Every expert has a list of tools and resources they use. Why not share that with other aspiring creators and help them fast track their way to success like @NeusVich did with these 370+ Motion Resources

⚑️Build A Notion Swipe File

Have you been collecting interesting things like tweets or landing pages or designs or quotes? Why not make your personal swipe file available like @aaditsh did.

⚑️ Build A Notion Toolkit

Turn your ebook into an actionable toolkit that people can use to take action from what they have read just like @arvidkahl did with his Embedded Entrepreneur Toolkit.

⚑️Build A Notion Workbook

If you have a certain process that you've built and use, you could replicate the process in Notion and build a workbook like @vensykrishna did with her half-yearly review workbook.

⚑️ Build A Notion Checklist

Are you good at lists? Do you live and die by them? Have you been building your own for years? Help a brother (or sister) out by making it available as a Notion checklist like @amypeniston has.

And if you'd like to know more about building knowledge products in Notion I built a product for that πŸ‘‡


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