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Welcome to The Weekly Digest Edition 10 🎉

Ooof, it's been a month since my last newsletter. I've been taking the last month to recalibrate and find a pace in my writing that will work for me in the long term. 

Last weekend I devoured Austin Kleon's book and it got me thinking about the practices of daily creators as well as experimenting with a new notebook habit. I also wrote an epic thread on how to optimise your Twitter Bio that people seemed to enjoy.

👉 The library has definitely grown so, you can Catch up on all my essays here

The Daily Creator Collective

This past week I've been head down creating a brand new community called The Daily Creator Collective. I wanted to bring together a group of creators who are committed to practicing creating daily and supporting each other as they do it. For the moment we've got a free community that you can join on Slack and a weekly meetup where you can get to know other creators and talk about what you're working on.

I'd love for you to be a part of it. 👉 Click here to find out more

Interesting things From Around The Web

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

How To Create Unexpected Super Fans From Your Writing

If you're wondering how to create a loyal group of followers as a creator, then this article is the one you want to read this week. Some great practical suggestions for every creator.

👉 Read here

On Keeping A Notebook

I am obsessed with the idea of keeping a creators notebook and how all the great creators have had one. Here is an excellent article on the notebook habit.

👉 Read here

Content Alone Will Kill The Creator Economy

Why content is a bad business model and what you should be aiming for instead as a creator. This was an eye opening article.

👉 Read here

Check It Out On Twitter 👇👇

Come join the conversation on Twitter, it's much more fun with friends.

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