The Burnout Free Guide To Being A Creator In The Year 2022

The Burnout Free Guide To Being A Creator In The Year 2022

Here's what no one is telling you about being a creator... it's relentless.

Being a creator seems fun at first as you proudly hit publish on your first blog post, or write a Twitter thread that gets more than a few likes and suddenly you start to build a bit of an audience.

But it can also quickly become a never ending nightmare as you grind out content day after day on what feels like an endless hamster wheel until you finally find yourself yelling STOP THE RIDE, I WANT TO GET OFF!

Oh, you’ve never felt like that? Yeah just me then πŸ€ͺ

We need a more sustainable way to be & do the work of creator. Rather than an endless content machine, I like to see myself as an insatiably curious human being on a quest to learn & discover new ideas that naturally bubble over into content. Here’s how that works exactly...

Collect Sparks. As I consume content I look for sparks of inspiration. That one word or sentence that literally lights me up and gets my mind all a buzz. I collect all thesesparks into my writing inbox.

Write Atomic Notes. Every day I start with a freshly brewed coffee and my writing inbox. I review sparks I've collected and I start to form ideas into atomic notes. I do the work of thinking & writing about these ideas for me... not for content to publish on the internet.

Turn Notes Into Content. Now rather than go looking for ideas for content I have a library of delicious morsels of pre-packaged content that I can pick from. These atomic notes form the basis for everything that I create online from tweets to essays, articles, workshops & courses.

And so content becomes a natural output of an insatiably curious life.

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