The 5 Apps That Drive My Daily Work & Life

I've been known to scroll through the apps store at 2:30am searching for the perfect app. Here are 5 I use everyday.

Notion. My daily driver where I run my life from. More than a note-taking app, it's where I get work done. From task lists to journaling to running my whole website - not a day goes by without it.

Drafts. When inspiration strikes you need to get it out of your head quick. Drafts is super fast to start up, syncs instantly across any devices, and can send my notes anywhere I like.

Spark. I hate email. If I could give it up tomorrow I could. Spark makes it a little nicer to do email, especially the Smart Inbox:

  • Priority: Emails from real people
  • Newsletters. I can easily read through these in my own time.
  • Notifications. Conveniently in their own section so they don't clog up my priority inbox.

Slack. Apart from Notion, I spend the majority of my day in Slack, which has replaced emails for me. Rather than things getting lost in email threads, everyone is on the same page in channels.

Voxer. My best friends introduced me to Voxer as a way to communicate now we live in different states. Turns out I LOVE voice messaging. I now use it daily to communicate with our team when text-based messages just aren't enough or I'm on the go.

So, if you're looking for a shiny new app, I would highly recommend any of the above.

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