Sub-Atomic Thoughts: Playing Big, Switching On & Finding The Spark

Writing with a group of people is more momentum than I EVER imagine possible.

Every essay I read sparks new thoughts and new ways of thinking about the world. Here are three random sparks that are percolating in my brain from day 1 essays.

Stop Playing Small. Throughout life I've been the good girl, always listening & doing the right thing. The reliable one who will always put herself last and others first. That's led me to shrink back and stay small and allow others to shine even though I know I should be. So, I'm done playing small. I'm rising to my full stature, finding my true voice and you'll all just have to rise up with me!

Switching ON when we're on. The internet was meant to bring us together, and the irony is it's made us more disconnected from people and more disconnected as a society. In the early days of the internet, it took more than a minute to connect. It's nice to be always connected now but sometimes it leads to mindless scrolling. So I'm imposing a new restriction on myself. Whenever I jump on the internet I'm imaging that old dial up tone before I start engaging.

Find the spark. Sometimes as a writer we feel compelled to give actionable and explicit advice or the common How To article. I was reminded this week that all I really need to do is keep sharing my experiences, and trust that you, my dear reader will mine for the gold you need.

Hopefully you find the spark amidst this randomness and I hope you pass it on and the momentum continues.

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