Stop Waiting For Inspiration: 4 Ways To Generate Content Ideas On Tap

Stop Waiting For Inspiration: 4 Ways To Generate Content Ideas On Tap

As a creator you can't afford to wait for inspiration, you have to manufacture it.

Daniel Vassallo calls this 'bumping into inspiration.' It's not random, it's highly intentional places or inspiration generators that guarantee to serve you up ideas on a daily basis.

Here are four inspiration generators that serve me up ideas every single day:

Twitter. Rather than view it as a distraction, Twitter consistently serves me up interesting conversations, ideas & people, even in my general feed (I put it down to all you amazing people I follow). I also keep a list called Inspiration Generators of people who I know will inspire me to some kind of insight.

Up Next List. What I'm consuming ends up sparking lots of new ideas for me. I always keep an up next pile of podcasts, books, newsletters & articles that I can jump into throughout the day.

Conversations. I try and jump on a couple of zoom calls or Twitter Spaces throughout the week to engage in conversations. I listen for questions, struggles, challenges & interesting ideas. And quite quickly sparks of inspiration start to fly. I have a colleague who has a list of people he will call each morning for a conversation that he knows will get him amped for the day.

My Notes Library. Every morning I jump into my writing inbox to write notes that build up in my notes library. Whenever I'm looking for inspiration I know I can wander through my notes & find some interesting things.

If you're waiting for inspiration to descend from the sky you're never going to build a consistent practise around publishing. Discover your inspiration generators, develop a deliberate practice to dive in daily & watch your ideas 10x as a result.

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