Start Wasting Time If You Want To Be More Productive

Have a browse on Quora around productivity and you'll quickly realise people are OBSESSED with eliminating time wastage.

❓How can I get the maximum output everyday and reduce time wastage?

❓How do you minimise time wastage while still maintaining hobbies and social activities?

❓How can we protect ourselves from time wastage due to our friends?

❓How can I get things done faster and waste less time?

Have we become so productivity obsessed that we are this concerned with wasting minutes and seconds in our days? Elevating 'being productive' above things like hobbies, social activities, and friends.

Is time wastage really so bad?

We've spent the last 50 years building a world around technology that is all about speed, efficiency, and optimisation. Computers are great at that stuff. But are humans? Shouldn't we leave the speed and efficiency to our devices and create space for what we do best as humans... waste time?

All the best ideas, biggest breakthroughs, and aha moments come when we create space for ourselves. Space allows us to think, to get above things, and to think clearly. We struggle to create space because we've conditioned ourselves to think of it as time wastage instead of the most important type of productive time.

Personally I'm making space for...

👉 A little more daydreaming

👉 A little more staring out the window

👉 A little more silence

👉 A little more thinking time

👉 A little more chatting & laughing with friends

...Maybe even maybe a little more procrastination.

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