Social Media Is Not Your Enemy

Social Media Is Not Your Enemy

Social media can make us crazy as creators or writers.

On the one hand, it's the perfect conduit to get our message out there and build an audience. On the other hand, we're constantly wrestling with algorithms, and the shortest shelf life for all of our content.

But what if instead of focusing on the performance of single pieces of content we started treating our content like a compounding investment portfolio?

When all your content as a whole is a compounding portfolio you get less crazy about impressions being down and posting at the right time and deleting threads because they didn't get traction in the first hour (yeah, I've done that. guilty).

How to invest in a portfolio of content that grows over time:

Publish Content on borrowed platforms. Stop thinking of social media platforms as your enemy. Use them as the tool they can be to build your audience, get your message out & test ideas.

Re-Publish on your platform. Every atomic essay or medium article I write I republish on my own website. That way my library is grows in one place that is always around. When new people discover me they can jump down the rabbit hole.

Re-Use content on new platforms. Now that you are building a library of content you can start to re-use that same content on new platforms you are working to build. Atomic essays make great Instagram reels & carousels!

Treat your content like an investment portfolio that you are growing for the long term and you'll stress much less about that one piece of content that didn't do that well

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 16th August 2022 in (PRO) Creator