Reading Has Never Been Easier Since I Started Doing This

Reading Has Never Been Easier Since I Started Doing This

I have more Kindle books in my library than I care to admit to you.

It's not that I don't read. It's that there is more to read than I can keep up with. If I could spend my days curled up on my favourite chair reading and taking notes, I would. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of time and I doubt you do either.

But just because you don't have long interrupted moments doesn't mean you can't tackle that Kindle library.

Instead, I steal small moments from my day to do a little reading. Here's how:

Read On My Phone. I use the Kindle app on my iPhone to do the bulk of my reading. It's so convenient to pull it out anywhere I am and read a few pages.

Create a shortcut. Remove all social media from your home screen and replace it with the IOS Kindle shortcut. Not, Instead of reaching for a social scroll, you can jump into a couple of pages of your book.

Take Notes. I use the native Kindle notes feature to add quick notes from things that spark me. I try to do the work of note-taking upfront rather than highlighting & coming back later.

Use Readwise. I sync the notes I take on Kindle directly into my Roam Research writing inbox using Readwise. Rather than manually transfer all my notes after I finish a book they now show up each morning ready to be processed.

None of us has the luxury of having long uninterrupted hours to read. So steal every moment you can. Do it imperfectly. This works for people who LOVE to read, but also for people who struggle to spend hours reading.

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