Pull These 3 Leverage Levers To Maximise Your Time

I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to leverage what I do.

When I first started coaching I would spend my days doing one on one calls with clients. I learned a lot through those early conversations. But eventually, you reach a cap unless you can learn how to leverage your time.

Combine that with the fact that I'm an introvert and spending all my day talking to people drains the life out of me. This is why I came up with my 3 levels of leverage to take back my time.

LOOM VIDEO LIBRARY. After each call, I would list down all the questions I had answered and started to record loom videos with the answers. Anytime you're explaining anything more than once, record a video and put it in your library.

TEMPLATES & FRAMEWORKS. As I coached people I looked for patterns and turned them into repeatable frameworks that I could teach to other clients. Then I built templates around the frameworks to make it easier for clients.

SELF-SERVE TOOLS. Now I have a repeatable framework I've been building tools to leverage my knowledge. So far I've built a headline generator and a Facebook Ads Scorecard. These were both things I would go through on coaching calls - now they are self-serve tools.

I've managed to leverage my time while building a massive amount of value in the process. I apply the levels of leverage not just to work, but also in life. Building frameworks, tools, and videos to help everything I do flow more easily.

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