Productivity Is For Computers: Find Focus, Energy & Flow Instead

Productivity Is For Computers: Find Focus, Energy & Flow Instead

Speed, Efficiency, optimisation... that's the game right? Get as much as we can done, fit as much as we can in, sign up to EVERYTHING, be omnipresent, hustle our asses off, grow and scale as quick as we can, fight for attention....

Is anyone else tired? I am.

I've had my head buried in my laptop for the past 3 weeks with some pretty major projects happening...

There's a lot going on in my life and it's really tempting to just keep slogging away. Trying to find ways to be more efficient, get things done faster, be more streamlined, create more systems.

But I started to feel a little bit like this cat...


Maybe we're just not meant to do ALL THE THINGS.

I started off my year reading a great book by Pedram Shojai called Focus. In it he talks about our life garden. Everyday we have a set amount of energy that we can apply to everything within our life garden. But we are prone to try to fit too much into the garden, and then we don't have enough energy (water) to go around.

So, I'm switching it up.

Machines are designed for speed, efficiency & optimisation

Humans are designed for Focus, Energy & Flow

Stop trying to be more productive... like there's something wrong with you if you don't get 1000 tasks done everyday, write a few witty things on Twitter, post to every group you're a part of, and exponentially see your analytics stats grow.

You will go much farther if you are prepared to find focus, energy & flow everyday. And leave the speed and optimisation to the devices that you use everyday.

Focus, Energy and Flow comes from working on things that matter, focusing on high leverage tasks - rather than all the busy tasks that can consume you. It comes from creating space in your day, when you're not slaving away at all the tasks, but you're just staring into space, or going for a walk. That space is where creativity and flow live.

I hope this was helpful in bringing you back into the present and giving you permission to not have to be productive all of the time. If this resonated with you, head on over and let me know on Twitter. I'd love to hear from you.

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