Now That Privacy Is In Your Hands, How Will You Choose?

So you've upgraded to IOS 14.5 and have decided to opt-out of tracking.

Apple have put the power into your hands and you are taking it and running with it. You switch off tracking and you feel free and empowered. A few days go by and you're scrolling through your Facebook feed and see an ad for a car dealership. You've never seen it before, you're not in the market for a car.

You forget about it and keep scrolling.

But a few more days go by and you continue to see ads that are less and less relevant. You start to wonder if Facebook is losing its touch. And what about that website I visited a few weeks ago? What was it again? Surely it will show up soon.

52,000 Data Points

When I teach Facebook Ad workshops and reveal to people just how much of our data is being tracked, people are shocked.


I've had many clients worried over the last few months about these changes to privacy. How will I be able to continue to serve ads? How do I keep ad costs down.

I'm unapologetic in my reply. We've had it too good for too long as marketers. It's like the wild west out here. Anything goes. Consumers SHOULD have the power to choose who and what is being tracked.

Less Tracking = Less Relevance

But as a consumer, you should also know how the off button will affect your experience on the internet. Instead of relying on your behaviour (through tracking), we'll instead be guessing about what you might want to see. You'll lose that personalised experience you've come to expect.

So, now the power is in your hands. What will you choose?

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