Notion + Super: The Power Combo For Blog Publishing

Notion + Super: The Power Combo For Blog Publishing

This is going to be a super meta blog - about how I post blogs (like this one) on my website user Super (yep, the one you're on right now).

I've been building website using Wordpress since I was a teenager. So, when I went to re-launch my personal site at the beginning of the year I immediately did a Wordpress install on my site and then promptly trolled through hundreds of templates for inspiration.... and nothing about the process enthused me at all.

I just wanted something simple, where I could write and host blogs. Maybe have a couple of pages. That's it. I'd been seeing lots of people publishing websites with Notion so I spent an afternoon exploring that option & landed on Super.

I spent a few hours building the pages out and configuring Super and I was in business! It has made the process of publishing blogs SO EASY - SUPER easy?

So I thought I would break down my process for anyone who's either already using Super or thinking about it.

Firstly, I keep all my ideas and drafts in a dashboard called my Writing Hub. This is where I'm writing now. I don't keep any drafts in my actual website workspace till they are absolutely ready to be published.

My Writing Hub were I keep all my ideas, and blogs.
My Writing Hub were I keep all my ideas, and blogs.

New Blog Template

Once I've finished writing a blog. I get the process started of setting up a new blog template in my website page in Notion. It's simply a matter of clicking the +new button and choosing New Blog Template.

Setting up a new blog template
Setting up a new blog template

The Template

I have a template that I setup for the blog, which makes it really quick and easy to setup as well as all my blogs look consistent. And I never forget to add something in.

It really just consist of three things:

Quote and Starter Text: I include a quote block first, because I like to call something out at the beginning of the blog

Recent Articles Sidebar: I added a linked database view to the template that displays all my recent blogs in gallery view.

Social Links: At the bottom I include callout buttons that go to my social media profiles.

Formatting and Preparing for Publish

Once the new blog is created, I immediately drag it out of the page and into the bottom of the sidebar. That way I can work on the formatting of the blog without people seeing it in progress on my live website.

Drag it out of the live website
Drag it out of the live website

I'm not sure how other people manage this, I suppose you could have a checkbox or dropdown that you filter out by published. But, I went super basic with this.

Once it's out of the main blog section I copy and paste the blocks from my writing hub into the template, do some editing, add photos and other media, and add a cover photo. The cover photo I create in Canva using a really basic template.


Once I have everything just right, I drag it back into the blogs section of my website page, give it an author and category and it's LIVE.

Drag it back into the Live website to publish it.
Drag it back into the Live website to publish it.

If you wanted to make it even easier you could just keep all your drafts in the blog page and then have a filtered view that only showed published blogs. But I prefer to have all my drafts seperate - just personal preference.

I hope that's been helpful in seeing my blog publishing workflow using Super. If you have questions about Super+Notion or want to have a chat about anything, follow me on Twitter and let's chat.

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