No. You Don't Need A Lead Magnet To Grow Your Newsletter
No. You Don't Need A Lead Magnet To Grow Your Newsletter

No. You Don't Need A Lead Magnet To Grow Your Newsletter

Traditional wisdom tells us we should have a lead magnet to 'trick' people into signing up for our newsletter

Because no one just signs up for newsletters anymore right?


Every day, no less than 5 people sign up for my newsletter without having to be coerced or 'tricked' by a lead magnet.

And I'll tell you why.

Businesses need lead magnets because their content is boring AF. So they need to offer an incentive to get people onto their email list.

But you're a creator. You create kick-ass content that people LOVE. And guess what happens when people love the content you produce? They usually want more.

In fact, they actively go looking for more of your content.

Wouldn't you like to have 100% of people who receive your newsletter happy & excited to have it in their inbox each week? Rather than 70% who are just there because you tempted them one time and they never open a single 'newsletter.'

Here's How To Build Your Newsletter Subscribers On Auto-Pilot:

Let Your Content Lead. Focus on creating great content & connecting with your audience.

Plug Your Newsletter Often. Personally, I use Hypefury to auto-plug my newsletter when a post gets a certain amount of likes.

Watch Your Subscribers Grow. You'll build a densely engaged list this way rather than a large list that is kinda interested.

Don't Get Me Wrong, this doesn't mean you should never have a lead magnet. They are very useful for getting people interested in your PAID offerings. But for getting newsletter subscribers alone trust your content to do the work for you.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 13th February 2023 in (PRO) Creator