My Word (& New Role) For 2023

My Word (& New Role) For 2023

At the beginning of each year I choose a word to theme my year.

It's a word that focuses me and provides a lens to make decisions, take action & frame everything I do. It's less of a goal or a 'thing to do' and more of an intention that infuses my thoughts, my actions, my goals & my days.

This year my word is EDIT.

I want to fully embody the role of being editor-in-chief of my life. And as editor-in-chief I'm responsible for three main things:

Directing the Design, Style & Vibe Of My Life. I'm the highest-ranking member of the organisation Ev & I ultimately set the direction. I get to make decisions around the design of my days, what vibe I want for my life & the direction for each month.

Making Final Decision On What Is In & What's Out. I'm responsible for making sure that everything I do & take on is aligned with my style & vibe. Anything that is not aligned is lovingly OUT so I can make room for all the things that are aligned. This year I want to create as much space as possible, so there will inevitably be a lot of things OUT.

In Charge Of Editorial Boards & Planning. None of this happens without a plan. This year my goal is to make sure every issue (month of my life) is planned, goes out on time & is aligned with the style & vibe I want in life. I've resisted monthly planning for quite a few years, but I'm bringing it back 'EDITOR' style to make sure I'm on track.

It's going to be a big energy year and I can't wait!

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 1st January 2023 in Personal Operations