My Top Four Go-To Rituals To Avoid Burning Out

I could feel myself on the edge of burnout.

Whenever I feel the telltale signs of burnout creeping up on me I know I've tipped the balance the wrong way between 'getting shit done' and 'looking after myself.' When that happens, I head to my go-to rituals that tip the balance back in a big way.

Here are 4 of my go-to rituals:

A glass of sole water in the morning. Sole water is a mineral tonic created by dissolving pink himalayan sea salt fully into water until it can't be absorbed anymore. It's potent. I put two tbs in a glass of water with some fresh lemon every morning.

Grounding daily. When was the last time you stood barefoot on the earth? The earth is like a gigantic battery that contains a natural, subtle electric charge. There is a special kind of energy present in the ground and when we connect with it we feel the charge, we are more centred & less stressed

A little sun everyday. Getting even 5 to 15 minutes of sun daily can increase your seratonin levels and keep you happy and balanced. I mean who isn't happy when they are standing in the sun? And don't forget that Vitamin D hit which has a host of health benefits!

5 Minutes of Breathwork. Breathwork has been transformational for me. Just 5 minutes can change my whole state. It's both a physiological practice and a mindfulness practice which makes it potent. At a minimum I'll do 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing to balance myself and ground back into the presen

Don't ignore it when your body is throwing up a warning sign that you've tipped the balance in the wrong way. Try one of these self care rituals or one of your own.

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