My Process For Writing Online every day: Notion Flow Dashboards

My Process For Writing Online every day: Notion Flow Dashboards

I've just started writing online everyday thanks to some friends in the Ness Labs community. It was one of my goals this year to get back out there online and build a personal platform for my thoughts.

But coming up with ideas everyday to write about isn't exactly easy. You need a good process for igniting ideas, getting that content out of your head, and then publishing it into the world.

If you're only ever thinking about that one thing you have to write that day, you will quickly lose momentum.

Currently I have 15 articles in progress at varying stages of writing and countless others just sitting in my ideas pile. And I've got a dashboard full of content to consume that can spark new ideas.

I built three contextual process dashboard to help me make this happen: A Knowledge Hub, a Content Hub and a Communities Hub.

In this article I'm going to give you an overview of the whole system and then in the coming days I'll break it down dashboard by dashboard to show you the process.

The Knowledge Hub

This is my dashboard where I consume all my content. Books, Articles, Videos, Courses. Content comes in through the notion web clipper, it gets processed and queued up ready to consume. Then it gets consumed and any notes are processed into my Zettelkasten.


Hopefully as I'm consuming content and processing permanent notes, new ideas are then generated into my content hub from there.

It's really satisfying seeing content actually being consumed - rather than just hundreds of clipped articles sitting in a place like Pocket.

The Content Hub

This is where I create content. A piece of content can go from an idea through to drafting, editing, and publishing, all on this one page. And the great thing about it is that whatever mood I am in, I can pick up a piece of content and move it along the process.


If I feel like writing, I can take an idea and just do some brain dumping. If I feel like researching I can choose something that needs research. If I need to publish, I can take something that's queued to publish and get it out there.

The Communities Hub

This is a new dashboard I am building for all the communities I am involved in from Twitter, to Notion Ambassadors, to Ness Labs and more.

Writing is not enough. I have found that being part of communities, especially ones that are doing similar things to you, is the best way to get feedback on your writing as well as help to amplify it.


The communities hub has helped me to keep track off all the communities that I want to be a part of and contribute to.

I hope this overview of my process for writing online everyday has been helpful. Keep an eye out tomorrow for a deep dive into my Knowledge Hub Process and how I went from just consuming information to generating new connections and ideas from that content.

If you liked this, come and join the party on Twitter. I love to talk about my process over there and my DM's are always open.

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