My New 30 Day Experiment: The Feel Good Experiment

My New 30 Day Experiment: The Feel Good Experiment

I'm starting a new 30 day experiment today.

We are 8 weeks into what seems like a never-ending lockdown here in Sydney and I've let that be an excuse to not exactly be the best & healthiest version of myself.

I told myself I'd get back on track once the gyms were open again.

But yesterday I was looking for a photo on my phone to post for my friend's birthday and I saw something. Past me. Smiling, happy, healthy, free. And I realised I couldn't use the lockdown excuse anymore.

Because the times when I am happiest are when I'm feeling good about myself. And that happens to be the times when I'm living my healthiest life.

So I designed a new 30 days experiment. 30 Days To Feel Good:

  • Move 30. Walk every day for at least 30 minutes outside the bounds of my apartment block. This gets me back into the real world and there is HUGE magic in walking for so many areas.
  • Drink 8. Water is the fount of life. I find the days I get at least 2 litres I feel fresh, have more energy and generally have a nice glow.
  • Plate 2. I'm not into calorie counting and restrictions. I eat to feel good. And I'm a huge fan of the plate method. For me that means 2 meals where I have 1x serving of protein and 3x servings of different coloured vegetables. I know that will be balancing for me.
  • Photo 1. I don't do scales or measurements. I prefer to take progress pics of which I'm going to take one each day to see the progress through 30 days.

Today is Day 1 and I just ticked all my boxes

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