Life OS: New Features! Everything You Need To Know

I've been building a Life OS for the past year in my Notion Dashboard

It's a set of principles or programs that guide my everyday life and work. Some have been established in my OS for quite some time, others are recent upgrades. That's the great thing about your life operating system, you are free to upgrade it anytime.

Here's my top 5 Life Operating System Programs that I live everyday:

  1. Triage Relentlessly. We don't live in our parents world. Information is flying at us at a speed where we just can't cope. Everything in my life is triaged to assess what the crisis level is and then dealt with appropriately
  2. Front-load your day. I've written about this before, but I try and get important things done early in the day otherwise they sit on my mind for most of the day. This works especially well when starting new habits.
  3. Effort Applied Daily Compounds. There is massive magic in doing the daily reps. It's not just about the endless repetition of something. Daily actions compound over time and they compound quickly. That is where the magic lies and what most people never get to experience because they stop short.
  4. Never Skip Twice. I've become pretty obsessed with taking daily action, but my fallback switch is to never skip twice. So you can skip one day, but never two in a row.
  5. What You're Not Changing You're Choosing. One of the biggest things I've learnt in life is that you get to wake up and choose your life every day. If you're not improving and changing then you are choosing to stay the same. Every day you have a choice.

What are the guiding principles in your life that make up your own Life OS?

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