I've Shipped For 8 Weeks In A Row: Here's My Ship30 Week Setup

Preparation is an underrated skill that many people don't utilise

👉 If I don't prep my food I fall into bad habits of ordering takeaway.

👉 If I don't prep my tasks for the week, I find it hard to get any kind of flow.

👉 If I don't prep for ship30, I'm frantically writing essays at midnight every night.

Basically it's an essential part of my week to make sure I'm not a crying, chaotic mess.

If you are still are a Basecamp user you'd be familiar with the term Hill Charts. Basically, every project has two phases.

👉 The uphill phase where we are 'working it out'

👉 The downhill phase where we are 'getting it done'

Prepping for your week is like 'Working It Out' mode. Making decisions and getting things ready so that you can live in the effortless momentum of 'Getting It Done' mode for the rest of the week.

So, here's how I prep for an effortless ship30 week:

  1. First, I review the stats from my past 7 days essays. And I create new essay ideas from the ones that resonated (using the Endless Idea Generator)
  2. Then I take some time to browse through my entire idea library and move any interesting ideas to my 'up next' pile.
  3. Finally, I open each essay and make sure it has something brain dumped in each and if I'm feeling really good I'll try and move each a little more forward (even by one paragraph).

I've shipped through some of my busiest days using this system. It's still not easy. But it leaves me to focus on the 'getting it done' tasks (like writing), rather than the 'working it out' tasks.

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