It's Official 🙌 I'm A Notion Ambassador

It's Official 🙌 I'm A Notion Ambassador

So, today I became a Notion Ambassador 🙌

Back in March last year, during the lockdown here in Australia, I went into a lockdown of my own. Locked down over a weekend with a heaps of Notion Youtube Videos!

In a weekend I was setup, with a Life OS and Work OS. Many of the videos I watched were from Notion Ambassadors and Consultants who freely shared their knowledge on the internet.

Since then I've gone ALL IN (if you hadn't noticed ðŸĪŠ).

Building more and more of my life into Notion. Connecting with the great communities on Reddit and Twitter, writing about Notion online and creating free templates for the community.

Back in March, after I realised how amazing Notion was, I had a little flicker of a dream that one day I might become a Notion ambassador. I put it into my goals database and tucked it away for a future date.

Turns out that future date... is today.

Most of the time we are waiting to be 'ready' until we do things.

I was waiting to build up some more resources before applying.

I was waiting to re-start my youtube channel.

I was waiting for more followers or before I built some paid templates.

But just in recent weeks I have had countless conversations with people who have recognised not only my passion for Notion, but the uniqueness of content and voice that I bring. So I stopped waiting until I felt ready, and I applied.

I'm glad I didn't wait any longer. I've been welcomed into one of the most amazing communities. I'm meeting those same people who shared some much value online and formed the basis for so many of my workspaces. I'm connecting with so many people who are doing some of the most amazing things with the platform and it makes me excited to be a part of it right now.

All this to say... we are often 'ready' WAY before we think we are. Take the leap, make the call, apply for the thing.

BRB I'll just be updating my website with my new status... in the meantime go over and connect with me on Twitter and let's chat about all things Notion.

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