I'm Lazy AF. So I Build Systems To Make EVERYTHING easier

I'm Lazy AF. So I Build Systems To Make EVERYTHING easier

I'm lazy. There I said it.

Most people look at me and think Woah, she's super organised! And it might look that way at first glance. But if something isn't immediately easy, I'm very unlikely to do it. Or continue doing it. Instead of beating myself up over it, I lean into it and build systems to make the things I want to do easier.

Here are Three of my Lazy AF Systems:

No Inboxes/Limit Processing. I was deep into the GTD world for years. At first it seemed easy. Dump everything into inboxes and then process once a week. Turns out the dumping is easy, the processing is HARD. So I hardly ever did it. Now when I dump I do a bare minimum process using Roam Tags. I add a date so it turns up later, or use my #sparktask #sparknote or #sparkidea so it shows up in each of my main lists.

The Brain Dump Rule. Any time I have an idea about an essay or a task I need to do I try and get everything out of my head at that point. This essay for instance, I'm dumping a whole heap of stuff into Roam while I eat breakfast on a Sunday morning. When I go to ship it feels super easy because I have 300 words already dumped in.

Breadcrumbs. As a part-time creator, I'm rarely sitting down for long writing sessions. So I leave breadcrumbs for myself of where to pick up later. Rather than spending 20 minutes wondering where I was up to I can jump straight back in and move things along quickly.

These three lazy AF systems drive my whole part-time creator world and have saved my butt on many a day (including today when I needed to publish something and had 0 left in the tank).

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 10th February 2022 in Personal Operations