I'm Building An App!

I'm Building An App!

I love to include a daily affirmation in my daily journal. I have affirmation card decks that I use to pull a random affirmation for the day.

My usual workflow is to take a photo of the affirmation card and upload it into my journal entry for the day. But this is clunky, and I've always wanted to embed a webpage that I can click a button that reveals a random affirmation.

A few years ago I had an idea to create an app that could schedule instagram posts and I spent months looking for a developer to help me build it. I eventually abandoned the idea because it was too hard and too expensive.

Fast forward 9 years and there's a whole new no code world out there that can make dreams into a reality.

So I'm solving my own problem and am building an app. I signed up for Bubble and built the basic functionality out in about an hour this morning - what a difference 8 years can make.

Eventually, I'd like it to be a web app that you can embed into Notion pages as well as a standalone mobile app.

Next step, will be to build a sign up page and then make it pretty. Want to be notified when I launch? Enter your details below and I'll keep you updated.

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