If Practice Makes Perfect Then Practice Being Who You Want To Be.

Who are you becoming?

A few days ago I wrote an essay about how I don't 'do goals' instead I live in the daily and I let each day be a fresh start to becoming the person I want to be. It was a little throw-away line at the end of an essay. Until Joe Lurie asked me the ultimate question.

Who does future Ev want to become?

I sat and thought about it for a really long time. And then started to write down some 'becoming' statements.

  • I want to become a person who is generous with my time and attention
  • I want to become a person who moves my body daily
  • I want to become a person who is awake to the life and world around me
  • I want to become a prolific creator

Writing them down felt good. I know who I want to become! But that isn't a guarantee that I will become that person. Only one thing guarantees the becoming and that's the practice of doing.

So, I started to write down the practices that the person I wanted to become would do

  • Ship daily essays
  • Move my body
  • Reach out to someone via DM
  • Hydrate myself
  • 10pm Bed
  • Gratitude practice

You get the gist. So, here's my new morning routine. Every morning I choose from the list of practices a few that I intend to do that day. And at the end of the day, I mark down if I did them or not. The more I do the practices the more I become the person I want to be. The less I do the practices, the less I become the person I want to be.

It's that simple. Do the thing the person you want to be does and you become that person.

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