I Launched A Podcast in Less Than 48 Hours. Here's How I Did It...

A week ago I wasn't thinking about making a podcast.

When it comes to my creator life I'm a jump first and figure it out later kinda gal. After a fun conversation with Daniel Bustamante on Racket on Thursday morning, I shot off a quick tweet saying I want to make Rackets and who wants to join?

Then I went to work.

I came back to over 20+ people who wanted to have conversations with me! And Creator Conversations was born. No planning, no prep, just a quick tweet. I spent the day shooting off calendar invites, filling up my calendar for the next two weeks, and recording & publishing my first two conversations.

Here's my process for starting your first podcast in 24 hours:

👉 Get people booked in with a Calendly link. This eliminates dreaded timezone conversations. It also helps to give people context of what will happen. I like to start with a 10-15 minute chat to warm up and then we start the counter!

👉 Use Racket Studio to record conversations. The 9-minute constraint is perfect! Not too long that I'm stressing about a whole lot of questions, but just enough time to have a good chunk of interesting conversation.

👉 Publish on Racket & Promote on Twitter. The best thing about Racket is you really only need a title and an image and you can hit publish. It's so low friction.

👉 User Anchor.fm to publish as a podcast. I've gone one step further and published each episode on anchor.fm so people can subscribe and listen on Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts. As much as I like Racket, I find the listening experience a little disconnected.

Stop waiting for perfect conditions. Start now. Take massive action. Create chaos and clean up along the way.

Check It Out On Twitter 👇👇

Come join the conversation on Twitter, it's much more fun with friends.

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