How Will History Remember This Moment?

I'm obsessed with history.

I studied modern history in high school. I love watching history documentaries and reading books about history or biographies from historical figures. When reading about the two world wars that dominated the beginning of last century I often wonder what it would have been like to live through something like that.

What kind of courage would have been needed from boys as young as 16 to enlist in the army and march off to a hellish war? What would it have been like to be left at home? I just can't imagine living through anything like that.

And yet, here we are living through a moment in history.

I remember clearly sitting in our office in Sydney last March watching this covid virus inch closer and closer to our shores. One of my colleagues was convinced they were going to lockdown the country and close businesses.

Lockdown? How could they possibly do that? It seemed an unbelievable concept at the time, one I could hardly comprehend.

One week later, the whole country went into lockdown.

We've been lucky. Other countries not so much. Right now we're plunged back into lockdown, other countries are opening up. Which strategies for dealing with this virus will work? In the present, everything seems so uncertain.

I don't know how this story ends. All I know is that this is our moment in history. People will look back and tell our stories. Historians will pour over details and exact moments when things went either horribly wrong or amazingly right. Future generations will read about it with fascination.

And I imagine when I'm 90 young people will ask me about that time I wasn't allowed to leave my house.

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