How To Take Multiple Courses At A Time (& Actually Finish Them)

How To Take Multiple Courses At A Time (& Actually Finish Them)

In the last 2 years, I can't tell you the number of courses I've signed up

Some I've finished, some I've completely forgotten about simply because life is busy and there's always a lot going on. No matter how good they are if they are not front and centre in my system they just get left behind.

So to make sure I take advantage of the courses I buy I set up a really simple system

Setup A 'CURRENT COURSES" Note. Whatever system you use, setup a note where you can jot down a new course you just signed up for. I dump it in with a link to the curriculum & any details from welcome emails, etc. If there is a start date for CBC courses I'll note that too. Rather than hunting around for info, I know it's all there.

Leave Breadcrumbs for yourself. I don't usually have long stretches of time to jump into course materials, so I make it insanely easy & quick to jump back in where I left off. Below each course, I throw the link to the current module I'm or video I'm watching with a timestamp or a quick note about where I was up to. Instead of wasting 10 minutes to re-orient myself, I'm straight back in.

Keep it Front & Centre. I keep my note pinned in my Roam sidebar so it stays in my peripheral view at all times. Whatever note app you use, pin it somewhere you look often. Don't let it get lost in the overwhelm of information coming at you every day.

By using these three simple techniques I've been able to actually finish the courses I've bought in the last 2 years. Give it a try if you're drowning in course sign-ups.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 13th April in Knowledge Management