How To Take A Nap

How To Take A Nap

This year I taught myself how to nap and I will never be the same again.

Before work from home life, a nap was simply an indulgence for a Saturday afternoon or holidays. But now I work from home it's an essential part of a productive day for me.

Napping has so many benefits and they are not just for catching up on sleep. Your brain is actually at work in a big way when you rest. But there is so much fear around napping. What if I can't fall asleep? What if I don't wake up and sleep all afternoon?

Here's how I taught myself to nap:

  • Set a 20 minutes timer. It's long enough to feel rested but not too long to doze off completely. And don't set a blaring alarm. Choose something that gently wakes you.
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode. There is nothing worse than hearing buzzes and beeps while you are trying to nap. All that does is raise your anxiety levels. And remember, the world can live without you for 20 minutes
  • Countdown from 100 while Box Breathing. Box breath works like this. Breath in for four, hold for four, breath out for four and hold for four (like a box, right?). Very rarely do I ever got to 0.
  • Get straight up when your alarm goes off. I sit up straight away and head to the kitchen and make a cup of tea or coffee. That gets me moving again and bake into the land of the living.

And remember, even if you don't drift off, you've just spent a relaxing 20 minutes focusing on your breath and your brain loves that as well! Happy Napping.

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