How To Supercharge Your Consistency As A Creator
How To Supercharge Your Consistency As A Creator

How To Supercharge Your Consistency As A Creator

On any one day I can have anywhere from 7-10 content ideas in different stages that I can choose to work on.

Now usually, I'm a fan of focusing on just one thing. But not when it comes to content ideas. I find if I lock myself into working on just one thing my creative spirit rebels.

So I like to have options.

Rather than lock myself into a strict content calendar, or push myself to publish something that's not sparking for me, I opt for flexibility. And that flexibility has been a key part of staying consistent with publishing content these last few years.

The Surprising Benefits Of Working On Multiple Content Ideas At One Time:

It keeps me interested. Rather than get blocked on any one piece of content, I can jump around into whatever takes my fancy for that day.

I can focus on energy. Because I have different pieces of content in various stages I can choose something that matches my energy for that day.

It makes my ideas better. Because I'm not working on content & publishing it on the same day I can come back to things, work on them a few days in a row & that makes them 100% better.

I'm not stressed by I have to create something today. Rarely do I create something on the same day I publish it. So there isn't a stress with new ideas - I can take my time and that increases my creativity.

It feels easy. Because I'm working on ideas incrementally it never feels like a big lift to get something published (even long articles or courses) because I can simply.

Next time you're blocked on some content, try switching to working on multiple ideas at one time & see if that helps with your consistency.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 20th March 2023 in (PRO) Creator