How To Migrate From Notion To Tana

How To Migrate From Notion To Tana

If you're a Notion user and you've been bitten by the Tana bug, but when you opened up Tana wondered - what the heck do you do... then I've got you covered.

In today's video, I'm going to show you how to take your Notion databases and recreate them in Tana. Plus I'll talk through some of the similarities, and differences and what to do if you get stuck.

Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 02:32 2x Mindset Shifts To Make 04:40 Creating databases in Tana 9:11 Creating Views in Tana 15:45 The Daily Page 16:38 - Scheme & Library 18:08 What You'll Miss

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Posted on 26th December 2022 in Atomic Note-Taking