How To Master Atomic Writing & Publish More Than Ever Before

How To Master Atomic Writing & Publish More Than Ever Before

Every creator should be writing atomic essays in 2022

I started writing these yellow essays in March 2021 & have clocked up over 250 of them now. They have become the basis for articles, courses, products and an outline for a book. But I see many people struggle with the format.

Here's how to master the art of the atomic essay:

Let's get one thing straight.Β An Atomic Essay is not a blog or article. So you have to think differently when it comes to writing them.

It's your first draft, not your final product. Think of it as the kernel of an idea. Once you've fleshed out the idea in an essay you can then scale it up or down in a million ways. Down to a single tweet or up to a 1000 word article. But it all starts with that single idea.

Don't choose a 'topic' choose a single 'idea.'Β I see a lot of people saying they couldn't fit their topic into an atomic essay format. That's because it's designed for ideas, not topics. Start to think smaller, really dive deep into one idea rather than wrangling 5 ideas into a topic.

Kill Your Darlings. We all think the world NEEDS to hear every word we write. But I've had to cut out whole points and paragraphs from my essays and guess what? I didn't die. But I do keep these cutting room floor ideas and use them in further essays, so kill your darlings, but keep them in the graveyard!

I'm not saying it's going to be easy. But if you can master the art that is the atomic essay the sky is the limit for your writing. You'll be a better writer, a better thinker and best of all you'll build a HUGE library of content.

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