How to Live Till Your 100 By Drinking Wine & Skipping The Gym

All going well, I plan to live till I'm 100.

I want to make sure I'm around for as long as I can to make the biggest impact I can. So when I heard about Blue Zones, these places on earth where it's normal for most people to live well into their 100's I was interested.

All Blue Zones areas have these things in common

Move naturally. These guys aren't pumping iron in the gym every day. In fact, they've probably never set foot in a gym. They move naturally in life, and they create an environment that promotes movement.

Have purpose. People who live longer have something to live FOR. They've found there why. The Japanese call it their Ikigai. It's a reason to wake up every morning.

Downshift Daily. Centenarians are not immune to stress. But they have learned to deal with stress in a positive way. Whether that's a couple of moments of gratitude, taking a nap, or my personal favorite... happy hour.

Wine at 5. Speaking of happy hour. People in every one of these blue zones drink moderately and regularly. Always with food and mostly with friends. Crack open that bottle - I am down for this one!

Plant Slant. People in these areas lean more towards plant-based food. They do eat a little meat, but the majority of their diet is from plants.

Find the right tribe. The world's longest-lived people choose or are born into social circles that support healthy behaviors. In other words, healthy is contagious, so choose the right tribe.

What I find REALLY interesting is that a majority of these principles have nothing to do with how we traditionally view health. When it comes to living a long life, turns out lifestyle is just as important as eating your greens.

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