How To Level Up šŸ†™ Your Life One Day At A Time

How To Level Up šŸ†™ Your Life One Day At A Time

Daily planners are not a new thing.

It's literally the simplest & most powerful way to plan the day. Take a sheet of paper (or screen), put the date at the top & start organising your day. I remember getting my first Filofax and then going on to design my first paper (then digital) planner pages.

There's something magical about a fresh daily page.

A chance to start fresh. Today isn't judging you on what happened yesterday or any of the days prior. It's beckoning you to begin again wherever you are. Whispering... 'today is the only moment that counts.'

Here Are The First Three Things I Do Each Day When Opening My Daily Page

Review my Daily & Weekly Plan. Despite how organised I look like, I seem to always fail at consistent weekly or monthly planning. Mostly because they get filed away & forgotten. But in Tana, both of these plans get embedded on my daily page each day where I review them first thing in the morning.

Start My Daily Log. My daily log is like a catch-all for all my random thoughts, journal entries, and happenings of the day. I start every day with a simple entry to get me started.

Plan The Day. I look at my schedule & prepare for any meetings. Then I go through my tasks and choose some for the day.

And that's it! Each day I fill the daily page up with all sorts of things going on in my day & each morning I get to start fresh again.

Whatever medium you choose, embrace the daily page as a way to start fresh again each day with joy & intention.

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 25th December 2022 in Personal Operations