How To Launch Your First Digital Product (& Survive 🫣)
How To Launch Your First Digital Product (& Survive 🫣)

How To Launch Your First Digital Product (& Survive 🫣)

So many creators I speak to are scared to launch their first product.

I suspect there are a lot of reasons but the main one I hear is "Don't I have to have a big audience or following to launch a product?"

I launched my first product with 500 followers, no email list & I made $3k in 4 weeks.

Since then I've gone on to earn over $65k from digital products over 2 years. Do some launches flop? Yes. Have I refunded people when I couldn't deliver? Yep. Have I had to push back launch dates? Yep. Yep & Yep.

And yes. Launching is scary (& still is!)

So, here's my simple process to validate, launch (& then build) digital products.

Step 1: Look For Signal. Look back at the content that is resonating for your audience and ask yourself.. could I turn this into a product?

Step 2: Validate Your Idea. Ask your audience (in public or private): If I made this [your idea] would you be interested? If they say yes 🟒. If they say no πŸ›‘. Simple.

Step 3: Announce a Pre-Launch. Create a quick page on Gumroad (or your preferred payment platform) and offer your product at 50% for the pre-launch stage. I'll do anywhere from a 1-3 week pre-launch (depending on how long it takes to build).

Step 4: Build your product during pre-launch. Trust me you'll be highly motivated to build when people start buying. Use every opportunity while you build to show your work (that's how you make more sales!)

Step 5: Launch πŸš€

Congratulations! Now you've launched you also have a product that people can buy ANYTIME. And just wait until someone buys it while you're sleeping!

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