How To Get Through Hard Days By Leaning On Past Experience

Hello dear friend, the dip. We meet again.

Not going to lie, this last week has been a bit hard. I'm feeling a bit low energy, struggling to write & finding it hard to engage with people in a meaningful way. I've been asking myself why? Is it because I'm coming off the back of 3 product launches? Maybe it's because we're 3 weeks into what looks like a long lockdown in Sydney?

Or have I just hit the DIP?

The first time I experienced the dip was in my first cohort (now over 70 days ago). I was one of those naive ones thinking I was different from everyone else and couldn't possibly struggle with writing. I remember it clear as day. Day 14 and it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I even drafted an essay of all the reasons why shipping daily was stupid and unrealistic and I wouldn't be continuing this madness. And then just as quickly as it came it had gone again. Three days later I hit publish on why I'll continue shipping forever.

The only difference in experiencing it for the second time is that I have the experience to know how good it is on the other side. And so I continue writing.

Sometimes things are hard

Sometimes they are boring

Sometimes they are repetitive

But that doesn't mean you should stop doing them. All I know is that sometime in the future this too shall pass and I'll be riding the wave of creativity and momentum again. Not every day as a creator can be at the excitement level of day 100. Sometimes it day 108 and you're just writing about not wanting to write.

And that's OK.

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