How To Fall In Love With Consistency

How To Fall In Love With Consistency

Consistency is hard. But when you master it, it's addictive as hell.

2 months ago I started training again with a personal trainer after taking a break for about 6 months. Starting again was HARD. Especially because I know what strong feels like. But what seemed hard on that first day is now starting to feel easier (if you can call lifting weight easy!).

Here are three surprising lessons that have taught me to love consistency over the past year:

It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you keep moving. All you have to do is not stop. All those times I've been in 'the dip' I know all I have to do is just keep writing and one day I'll emerge. Find ways to just keep moving - even in the smallest way.

Most of the time it looks like the needle doesn't move. Consistency doesn't always show up with obvious results. Most of the time you just have to plug away and then one day the floodgates open and all of that hard work pays off.

Others are better at spotting your progress than you are. That's exactly why I have a personal trainer. She'll point out to me how much better my form is, how much more I am lifting than on day 1. It kicks me out of the drudgery of consistency and helps me look back at all the progress I've made.

Consistency breeds consistency. When you start to realise how well it works you want to apply it to EVERYTHING. And because you know how the story ends you can turn up even on the toughest of days.

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