How To Create Your Own Wellness Retreat

How To Create Your Own Wellness Retreat

It's been a full few weeks in my life. A little out of my control and a little within my control. We've had a lot going on at work and I possibly enrolled myself in too many courses and 30 day challenges!

As a result I could feel my well being slipping away. I don't know about you, but when I'm stressed I find it easier to neglect myself and push through. I literally just put myself on hold, put my head down and go, go, go.

I never realised how totally in or out I was.

So, at the end of last week I decided to hit the RESET button.

I designed the schedule in a Notion page and included yoga, meditation, breathwork and self care.

Here's how it started...

  • I made sure everything around the house was done. The kitchen was clean, the washing was done, everything was tidy.
  • Saturday morning I went for a walk and on my return mindfully walked into my ‘retreat.’
  • I prepared some lemon & cucumber water that sat in big container in my kitchen for the day, that I could go and sip on.
  • I put on my Bali retreat playlist
  • I filled my oil diffuser with some essential oils
  • I made myself a big pot of Sencha green tea
  • I put my phone in a box in my bedroom.
  • I welcomed myself to my mini retreat.

Designing The Schedule

I wanted to make sure it was like a real retreat, with a schedule to follow. This was the only way I knew I would stick to it, rather than just saying I want to do some yoga and meditation.

So I designed a full schedule. The best thing about using Notion for it, was that I could embed my favourite yoga & meditation practices from Youtube. Everything was ready to go.

My wellness retreat schedule in Notion
My wellness retreat schedule in Notion

I even included a breathwork workshop, which is part of a course I am doing and it was a workshop I had to catch up on, so I included it as part of the retreat schedule.

There was something so powerful about being intentional about setting the time aside to look after me. There was a mindset of sacredness about even the little things like preparing my green tea and switching my diffuser on.

I hope this was helpful to you and you think about designing your own wellness retreat. If you want ideas, please DM on Twitter - I love to chat.

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