How To Build A Writing Practice
How To Build A Writing Practice

How To Build A Writing Practice

I write much more for myself than I ever do for you (sorry, but not sorry).

That's right, what you read on my feed or my blog or my newsletter is only a small fraction of what I actually write each day.

Because writing to produce something quickly wears you out.

Instead of writing being a creative experience for you, it becomes locked into an outcome every time you write. That kills creativity, it kills curiosity and it's a surefire way to burn out and stop creating altogether.

Instead, here's how to build a personal creative writing practice that creates a solid foundation for ideas to flow.

Write What You Feel. I start each morning with a journal entry. Some people call this morning pages. Whatever you call it, start your writing session just by writing whatever is on your mind. Clear it all out and get ready for flow.

Explore Your Curiosity. Each writing session I sink deep into my spark inbox - which is basically just somewhere where I dump all my notes from things I've been consuming. I noodle around the ideas, looking for things that spark my curiosity. And then I write what I think.

Build Ideas. The more you explore your curiosity, you'll find ideas start to build. Not other people's ideas - but your own unique ideas that form out of the intersection of what you consume and your own thinking & unique perspective. The more you focus on these ideas the more they build.

And once you start writing for yourself first, you will find that writing for others and the production side of being a creator will actually flow much more easily.

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