How To Build A Content Idea Capture System in Tana

How To Build A Content Idea Capture System in Tana

[NOTE: There were some scratchy sounds on my mike at certain parts of the video - sorry for that, please bear with me!] Welcome, welcome! This week I got access to the hottest new Notes app right now - Tana! It's taken the PKM space by storm and captured everyone's attention in a way I'm not sure even the Tana team were expecting. I've been building out so many processes this week using it and I have to say I'm pretty much all in. I've completely given up Roam and there are only a few things I've got left in Notion that I'm managing there. Today I want to show you how I capture ideas in Tana and use Supertags to make it easy to add fields and default content specific to certain content types. So rather than having a bunch of fields that are not applicable to certain content, you can add only the ones you need. Plus I'll show you how you can powerful search and filter through all your ideas. Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months as I keep sharing workflows, walkthroughs & tips to use this powerful new software. Timestamps:

00:00 Introduction

00:48 Setting up your capture supertags

06:00 Creating Live searches for your content ideas

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Posted on October 8th 2022 in (PRO) Creator