How One App Forged A Generation Of Note Takers.

How One App Forged A Generation Of Note Takers.

In June 2010 I signed up to a random elephant app that kicked off my love affair with note taking.

I couldn't tell you how I first discovered Evernote. But my first note was June 10 2010, a note with a list of things I needed to do that day. Since then I have clipped web pages, written blog posts, organised my life, kept a journal, planned holidays, kept important documents, planned businesses and so much more.

And although I don't use it today it still holds a dear place in my heart, like a first love that you never forget.

It's funny that an app that seemed so revolutionary is now somewhat uncool with all our fancy new apps and tools for networked thought. But in its day, Evernote revolutionised how we took notes on the internet and birthed a new era of note-taking - a digital era.

Instead of carrying a notebook around with me every day, I could simply open my phone, capture a quick note and have it waiting for me when I got back to my desk. Like magic.

It kicked off our love affair with clipping every single thing we came across on the internet so we could read it later.

Suddenly your phone became a scanner and you could scan documents and pages from notebooks and have all of that instantly searchable and shareable.

Sure, it might have become a bit slow & clunky in its old age, and to be honest that's the reason I stopped using it. But for the longest time, Evernote was my constant companion.

So thank you Evernote for nurturing my note-taking habit. I'll be eternally grateful.

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