How I Went From Writer To Creator In Less Than 100 Days

People ask me why I write. I write to become better.

Writing daily has become my journaling practice. Every day I sit down to write it is an opportunity for change, an opportunity to let the ideas that have sparked in my mind, become actions in real life. I don't do lip service for the sake of being popular or building an audience.

I'm writing for one person. Me. Everything else is peripheral

What I've discovered is that as I write, the flywheel turns...

👉 I sit and write words every day

👉 Those words turn into actions

👉 Those actions turn into processes

👉 Those processes turn into tools

👉 And then sometimes those tools turn into products

Here's How It Works In Real Life

  • Yesterday I wrote about how I don't set goals, I just iterate daily on who I want to be. So, last night I set up a 'becoming' database to track who I want to be.
  • Earlier in the week, I wrote about doing things your future self will thank you for. Now I have a 'practices' database (Inspire by Marie Poulin). And every practice connects back into who I want to be.
  • I listed some of my Life Operating Systems in an essay this week. These have now become the 'programs' I apply daily to power up who I'm becoming.
  • And Who knows? You might see my High Vibe Guide To Becoming Who You Want To be out soon. The flywheel is still in progress on this one.

Write daily. Take action. Create processes. Build Tools. Sell Those Tools & Become A Creator

The Flywheel in Action. My Notion Workspace For Becoming Who I Want To Be 👇


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