How I Went From Wannabe Creator To Creator in 100 Days

100 days ago I was a wannabe creator, having dabbled over the past 10 years in blogs, vlogs & podcasts.

  • The Chameleon Project
  • She's A Geek Blog
  • The Convergence Podcast
  • Pursuing Kaizen Youtube Channel

In 10 years of being a wannabe creator, I produced a grand total of 100 pieces of content on the internet.

It was always the same pattern. Super excited about an idea I dreamed about it, planned everything creating a cool name and beautiful design before I even had any content. When I did put content out, it was hard to get anyone to read it except my beautiful supportive IRL friends.

But then I would miss a day... and no one would notice. So I'd miss another day. Eventually, the gaps became longer and longer until my friends were asking do you still do that youtube thing anymore?

So 3 months ago when I joined the ship I wasn't truly sure if this was going to be any different. Instead of a lot of planning and daydreaming, I just started writing atomic essays on Twitter. And something magical happened. People read them! And I got feedback. Some days a like, other days a meaningful comment.

The flywheel turned. As conversations happened my brain began to light up with even more ideas. And instead of writing into the void, people were WAITING for me to turn up every day! And in 3 months I doubled the amount of content I'd produced in the last 10 years.

And I'm no longer a wannabe creator.

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