How I Get More Done Each Day With 'The Breadcrumb Method'

How I Get More Done Each Day With 'The Breadcrumb Method'

In a perfect world we know we shouldn't task switch, but we don't live in a perfect world.

Have you ever experienced this scenario? You're working on a project but have to close down on a Friday afternoon. You shut your computer down, go enjoy a beautiful weekend and when you log back on Monday you can't exactly remember where you left off.

You spend the first half an hour of your day, re-acclimating yourself. Scrounging around for that link, that email trail, that website you were looking at. And before you know it you've wasted your precious time just trying to start up.

I work a 9-5 job, I'm a part-time creator, as well as a co-founder of a startup SAAS company, and every now and then I like to have a life. There's a lot of juggling in my life and I simply don't have that time to waste.

That's why I leave myself breadcrumbs.

Clues for when I jump back into to a project or task so I can get started quickly.

  • A note to myself. Sometimes I'll just leave myself a quick note to say what I've worked on and where I got up to. Anything that will help me get started again.
  • The very next action. I'll note down the very next action I need to take. Open this website, review this doc. It jump starts me straight into the task.
  • Quick links to resources. If I was working in a document, I'll drop the link in the task so I can quickly open it again, maybe there is an email trail or Slack message I need to review - I'll drop the link in there so I can hit the ground running.

Give your future self a break by leaving a breadcrumb

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