How Great Creators Take Notes

How Great Creators Take Notes

Most creators still take notes like they are in Miss Buckman's 6th grade class summarising that book they only half read and wished they had watched the movie instead.

If you want to create your own unique ideas that stand out, here's how you should be taking notes insteadπŸ‘‡

Great creators are great consumers. But they are not summarising every single word they read & hoarding it away for when they might need it.

Instead, they are doing these three things: πŸ‘‰ Finding the Spark πŸ‘‰ Turning Sparks Into Ideas πŸ‘‰ Creating Content from those ideas

Find The Spark ⚑️

We've all experienced this moment - when the words jump off the page. That's the spark. Pay attention to that moment and then write a note about what resonated with you.

It doesn't have to be an essayβ€”just a simple sentence to remind you why this sparked.


Collect Sparks πŸ“₯

Collect these spark moments into a writing inbox that you can dive into daily and start to think & write and develop ideas around these initial sparks.

You'll never have to start from a blank page or 'brainstorm' a heap of random content ideas again.


Turn Sparks Into Atomic Notes βš›οΈ

Take each spark and ask yourself what do I think about this? Start writing and develop the idea into an atomic note.

There is no magic formula here or perfect way to write a note. If you are thinking & writing you are doing it right βœ…


Turn Your Atomic Notes into Content ✍️

As you start to build a library of these atomic notes you now have the basis for any type of content.

Need ideas for tweets, essays, articles, courses, or products? Go to your notes & start from there.


These three practices will uncover a whole different way to create content that continues to build your unique knowledge and makes it FAR easier to continually come up with new content ideas.

Plus you'll never have to feel guilty about not summarising that book again!

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Posted as a Daily Essay on 4th June 2022 in Knowledge Management