How Creators Can Make Their Notes 10x More Useful (& Create 10x More Content)

How Creators Can Make Their Notes 10x More Useful (& Create 10x More Content)

Writing notes is cool. But building those notes into a library of useful content is even cooler.

I see a lot of creators (& I used to do this as well) throw notes into some kind of database give it a category like 'mindfulness' and then move on. Or use bi-directional linking to just link a bunch of words and hope they'll find them again later.

Neither of these approaches is a useful way for creators to organise their notes.

Instead of treating your notes like a filing cabinet, treat them like a library collection. Each note is curated lovingly into a connected network of thoughts & ideas. Not only do you build a useful collection, when you connect new ideas to what you already know it activates your brain and helps you remember.

Here's how to structure & build a permanent notes library:

Organise Your Ideas Around Clusters. Rather than just filing a topic 'mindfulness' be more specific about the idea you are trying to convey. For example: "Mindfulness is more than just meditation & stillness". I find questions or definitive statements make great clusters that you can build notes & thoughts around.

Build Trains Of Thought Around Clusters. Now when you make a new permanent note, ask yourself where does this fit into my train of thought? It might fit at the start, or between two notes or at the end. Your first note in the above cluster might be 'What the heck is mindfulness.'

As your cluster notes grow you'll start to see these trains of thought grow. And you know what trains of thought are good for? Outlining essays, articles, books, etc. Your published work literally grows out of your notes library.

The more you write notes, the more content springs up, one note at a time.

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